Original Nauvoo Temple Project: Day 3

Easy progress on the Nauvoo Temple First Floor mezzanine, so most of the day was spent reworking textures and moving ahead on the Second Floor Assembly hall. There is a semi arched vault above the first floor assembly hall that I spent a lot of time trying to get just right. In the end, it was necessary to add the beams so that I could match the curve to them. But, as the vaulted ceiling blocks the view of how the mezzanine and the assembly hall fit together, I also rendered without the ceiling.

NAuvoo TEmple first floor vaulted arch with timbers.Nauvoo Temple first floor mezzanine with clearstory

There is some indication in records that prior to the finish of the mezzanine rooms and the vaulted arch, the mezzanine floor was used as gallery seating for the assembly room below. There are accounts of people sitting in the “gallery” for large meetings. As there is no record of a gallery below the mezzanine level, the unfinished mezzanine itself becomes the logical conclusion.

Early attempt at the mezzanine level


Nauvoo Temple Update:

See the completed model on my Nauvoo Temple page!


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