This Day In History

    • Dedication
    • 1999 Bogotá Colombia Temple dedicated
    • Ground Breaking
    • 1999 Ground broken for Copenhagen Denmark Temple
    • 1999 Ground broken for San José Costa Rica Temple

Original Nauvoo Temple Project: Day 2

I finished up work on the assembly hall of the main floor of the Nauvoo temple today. At least for now. Again, much research went into this, and the details are as accurate to the theories we felt were most plausible as we could possibly make them. The level of detail here is crazy, and the render time for this one little fram was over 16 minutes. For most of my models, render time per frame is around 3 minutes!

Nauvoo Temple Main floor assembly hall.

Early attempt at Nauvoo Assembly Hall:Nauvoo Temple first floor, 2005 attempt

Nauvoo Temple Update:

See the completed model on my Nauvoo Temple page!


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