Original Nauvoo mostly complete

The original Nauvoo Temple is mostly complete now. I have finished most of the modeling, still some small tweaks here and there. The big problem now is some of the textures that need fixing. I can fix the ones on the west end easily enough, but on the east end I have found 2 different styles for the center windows. That is kind of a major concern and is preventing me from completely finishing the model.

But there is now a bell in the tower, and a simple box to represent the clock mechanism. The exterior of the tower is fully finished now, unless I find more information that says otherwise.

The tower has peen put together in segments that allow me to show the rooms and segments within.

Nauvoo Temple Tower 1 Nauvoo Temple Tower 2 Nauvoo Temple Tower 3 Nauvoo Temple Tower 4 Nauvoo Temple Tower 6 Nauvoo Temple Full



Nauvoo Temple Update:

See the completed model on my Nauvoo Temple page!


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