Not Idle

I have not made a post in some time now, but I have been working, constantly, and projects for this site. WAY to many projects.

Some of the stuff I am working on you will see this year. Some will even come in over the next few weeks.

Some of what I am working on will show up next year.

New Temple Renders

First off, I am of course still modeling new temples as their designs are released. I have a few nearing ready to post videos for. I have finished models for Belém Brazil and Richmond Virginia. I am working on models for Saratoga Springs and Puebla Mexico. I will soon start the model for the Feather River California (Yuba City) Temple, the design of which was just revealed yesterday:

Belém Brazil Temple

Richmond Virginia

Saratoga Springs

Puebla Mexico

Redo Temple Renders

Additionally I am still in the process of re-working and re-rendering all of my already completed models:

Asunción Paraguay Temple

Historic Renders

I am also continuing with making models that show how the temples looked when they were built, as opposed to after renovations that expanded them. Each of the below renders is a version of a temple that no longer exists:

Anchorage Alaska Temple, 1999

Apia Samoa Temple



Atlanta Georgia Temple



Bern Switzerland Temple



Boise Idaho Temple, 1984

Logan Utah Temple, 1918

Manti Utah Temple, 1888

Dusk Renders

I am continuing on with making my sunset renders, sometimes even of the Historical Temples:

Anchorage Alaska Temple, 1999

Atlanta Georgia Temple

Provo City Center Temple

Infographic Update

I’m playing again with an update and upgrade to my Temple Chronology Infographic, I like where this one is going:

Know Your Moroni Fieldguide

I have a long term rewrite and redesign to the Know Your Moroni book that has has made some serious progress this year, which makes me really happy:

New Website

Lastly, I have a complete and total redesign and overhaul to not just my website layout, but the content as well. Separate pages for my work and collected facts, along with pages for my photography when it exists:

This site is not public yet, and it will be some time before it is. The point is, I am working hard to produce more content for you to enjoy, so keep an eye out over the coming months!

Update: Stuff I forgot

I’m also working on updates to all the temples being remodeled!

Raleigh North Carolina Temple

Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Mesa Arizona Temple

Salt Lake City Utah Temple

I also need to start on a new model for the Hong Kong China Temple, which is getting an exterior overhaul as well. All in all, the Church is moving things along faster than I can keep up these days!


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