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    • Dedication
    • 2000 Nashville Tennessee Temple dedicated
    • 2000 Villahermosa México Temple dedicated

Monterrey Mexico Temple

I was really hoping I would finish Monterrey Mexico Temple today. I really underestimated the amount of work I have to do. The ribs are needing work all the way up the spire. The spire windows are almost done, and the grounds need some touch up. Maybe next time around this one will be finished.

Today I fixed everything I could, and every time I turned around, I had fixed something, but accidentally deleted something else. I solved this by slowly breaking the model into separate components as I worked. There are now more pieces, but  I am less likely to continue having problems with destroying things as I go. I also learned that if I change the sky each time It makes it look like I got more done!

Monterrey Mexico Temple

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