Monday at Monterrey Mexico

There is a quirk in Blender, and I have not completely identified the cause yet, that had infected my Monterrey Mexico Temple model. Sometimes blender gets confused when you go to cut new faces into a shape and it inverts edges. Basically, the top right corner on one face of a box connects to the bottom left corner of the opposite face, and the top left connects to the bottom right, forcing the edges to cross in the middle. It looks like this:


And renders like this if you’re lucky:


While this is completely fine for a computer, the results look nothing like anything you would actually see on a Temple.

The horizontal ribs on the outside of this temple all did that. Multiple times. Imagine the ribs around the temple twisting like that box above, over and over. As a result of this problem I spent most of my day completely re-doing trim courses because while there is an easy fix for this, it really is faster to just redo it. And I still am not finished.

Monterrey Mexico Temple Early2

All though, I had started in on the windows prior to finding this problem. Consequently, the windows are well under way to completion. They have a very interesting pattern built onto them with thin strips of metal:

Monterrey Mexico Temple Capture2

Of course, looking at this I can see I have much to fix still.
Development images:


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