Mexico City Mexico Temple finished


I have finished my Mexico City Mexico Temple model. I was going to add more trees, and some more small details, but it is now so big my computer can barely handle it. I am sending it over to render Que now, and will have to update it one day when I get a fancier more powerful computer. I picked this back up yesterday, after a couple of weeks away from the project, and decided it was almost done and I would get it to render yesterday. then I proceeded to find all kinds of little things that need to be fixed for the next day and  a half. But I did fix the height, and some of the textures. Compare it to the early renders to see the change.

Anyway, it’s there now, so hopefully you will be able to enjoy it in a week or two when it finishes.

Development images


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    • I do all my modeling on my laptop. It is an i7-3630QM @2.40GHz. It has 16Gb RAM

      I do all my rendering on an older desktop. It is an i7 860 @2.80GHz It has 8Gb Ram.

      The RAM is not a limiting factor here. My most complex model to date, The Historic Nauvoo Model, only uses 1Gb of ram to model. What limits is the processor. Each core of the CPU can render a separate 64×64 pixel chunk of the overall image. Both Computers have 8 cores to the cpu. This means both can render 8 chunks at a time, and the Desktop goes slightly faster. Chunks are rendered over and over until the total image is finished. For Nauvoo, this takes 15 minutes for an outside render or 30 minutes or more or an inside render. Per Frame. So, at 30 frames per second, for 60 seconds of animation, I need 1,800 frames. This is why there is no Nauvoo video yet. It will take roughly 20 days to render my typical once around loop for Nauvoo.

      At Mexico City, I stopped adding trees because I had crossed over the 5 minute per frame mark. I Should finish in about a week with the render, a few days for the editing and finding good audio, and up it goes.

      What would speed this up would be to get a workstation computer. I have seen some of the big computer manufacturers advertising cases that will handle up to 24 cores (3 CPUs!) It would cut my Nauvoo render down to about a week, and Mexico City down to about 2 days to render!

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