This Day In History

    • Dedication
    • 1999 Bismarck North Dakota Dedicated
    • Moroni
    • 2009 Angel Moroni placed upon the Kyiv Ukraine Temple

Lubbock Texas Temple

Look close at this image of the Lubbock Texas Temple model. You will see that the spire looks really funny. I spent time on this update looking into proportions and measurements. In the process I found that I had the spire to narrow, and possibly to short. We shall see if it gets taller as I go along. Most of what I worked on is not obvious. Lots of little tweaks and fixes that will hopefully get me closer to a realistic look.  I need to finish the spire, enclose the archways along the raised center section, and finish adding windows to the North Side of the temple. Then I can finally get into the grounds. A couple more times through with this one before it is done, I think.

Lubbock Texas Temple

Development images


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