Laie Hawaii Temple

I spent a chunk of this morning while working on the Laie Hawaii Temple trying to find away to make the friezes around the temple quicker and with a better level of detail. It has yet to pay off. So for now I have let the friezes be, and worked instead on the grounds and the temple details.

I have resolved some of my concerns about the land behind the temple, and have added the north side walkway area. I made further changes to the midway, and was certain I had a higher resolution image for the grounds, but It looks the same now. The Temple celestial room is in the center section that sticks up, and today I basically redid everything that wasn’t the celestial room!

Laie Hawaii temple early 3

It’s amazing that a temple can be photographed for weddings and sealings and just for fun a thousand times a day and there are still portions of the grounds that you can’t find good reference for. This is why I have hundresds of really ugly or uninteresting photos of temples all over the United States. Laie has a couple of spots that I am still having difficulty figuring out. but I am pleased with how much like the temple it is beginning to look.

Development Images


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