Wallgren’s Moroni

LaVar Wallgren
Material Fiberglass covered in gold leaf
Height 5’ 11”(1.8 Meters)
Weight ?
Currently On
5 Temples

First placed on Monticello Utah Temple, 14 May 1998. See Here for a list of other temples this Angel sits above.

A Life-sized Statue

The Wallgren Moroni was designed specifically to use on the smaller temples. Originally they were intended to be white, but it was found that they were difficult to see. They were eventually gilded and placed on only 5 temples. It stands at 5’ 11 inches tall and has two features that make it very unique. First and most obvious is the scroll the statue holds in its left hand. The second identifying feature is that the Moroni Wallgren created is far younger than any other Moroni statue. The face is clearly that of a younger more youthful prophet, rather than an older and wiser one.


Cala Byram “A Life-size Moroni” Deseret News, 23 May 1998.


The Scroll

Brian Olson

The left arm of this statue is holding a scroll, directly referencing the scroll in Revelations 14:6- 7

The Tied sash

Brian Olson

This Moroni Statue has a sash tied around its waist with a knot visible on the right side.

The Young Moroni

Brian Olson

This Moroni, rather than representing an aged and mature Moroni, represents a youthful version of the Prophet Moroni.