Tri-Temple Setting

On 21 September 2001 The Church celebrated the 178th anniversary of the appearance of Moroni to the Prophet Joseph Smith. Three temples received an Angel Moroni Statue on that day.

Nauvoo Illinois – Brian Olson

The Nauvoo Illinois Temple was nearing re-completion 155 years after the church was forced to abandon it and flee Nauvoo. The Moroni was placed to an overjoyed crowd of about 500 people, some, in their enthusiasm scaling the construction fence for a better view.

The Hague Netherlands –

The Hague Netherlands Temple was nearing completion in the land where teh Church’s first European stake was organized. It received its angel as a small crowd including local leaders looked on. The workers wore wooden shoes, a tradition known as “het hoogste punt” (the highest point,) a celebration of reaching the highest point of construction.

Boston Massachusetts – Brian Olson

At the Boston Massachusetts Temple there was little public notice or ceremony. A five year long lawsuit had prevented the church from completing the spire, so the temple had been dedicated without one. The lawsuit had recently been overturned and crews placed 2 prefabricated spire segments over the course of several days in addition to the Angel Moroni statue. Despite the lack of public announcement, about 200 people showed up for the placement of the statue.


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Nauvoo Moroni

Placed:21 September 2001
Faces: West

The Hague Moroni

Placed:21 September 2001
Faces: East

The Boston Moroni

Placed:21 September 2001
Faces: East by South