Quilter’s Moroni (1998)

Karl Quilter
Material Fiberglass covered in gold leaf
Height 6’ 10”(2.08 Meters)
Weight ?
Currently On
3 Temples

First placed on Reno Nevada Temple, 14 May 1998. Currently on Reno Nevada Temple, Nauvoo Illinois Temple and Manhattan New York Temple.

A Life-sized Statue

Standing at just 6’ 10” tall, this third statue of Quilter’s was sculpted primarily for the Nauvoo Temple. The truly unique feature of this statue is the left hand. It falls down at the statue’s side like the two preceding statues, but unlike any other Moroni in use, the hand is relaxed and open. Another identifying feature of this statue is the robes. They have a heavier, more layered look, and appear far more disorderly and windswept than Quilter’s previous statues.


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The Open Left Hand

Brian Olson

Unlike the other Quilter Statues, this one has an open left hand, showing the palm.

The Layered Robe

Brian Olson

The Robe of this Moroni has visible layers around the feet, and many more wrinkles on the lower portion of the robe than the other Moroni Statues.