Quilter’s Moroni (1982)

Newport Beach Moroni – Brian Olson
Karl A. Quilter
Material Fiberglass covered in 22 karat gold leaf
Height 7’(2.1 Meters)
Weight ~300 pounds(181.4 kilograms)
Currently On
91 Temples (including under construction)

First placed on Apia Samoa Temple , May 1983. See Here for a list of other temples this Angel sits above.

A New Standard

About the time that the Knaphus statue was being recast, Karl Quilter was commissioned with creating 2 new standard statues, one large, one small. They would be cast in fiberglass and used on a regular basis. With about nearly 100 copies in use, there are more of this Moroni Statue than any other that was ever created.

The quickest way to identify this statue is to look at it from the front. The hem of the robe on this statue is windswept and blows out and away from the feet to the viewer’s left. The statue’s left hand is held away from the body at a greater angle than the other two Quilter statues. The left wrist is bent down slightly. The robe on the left sleeve is smoother, devoid of defined wrinkles, and the cuff hangs round and loose on that arm. The left leg comes straight down from the waist and bends back at the knee, projecting forward slightly in front of the chest.

Seen from the side, the left arm is bent forward at the elbow. The left hand is clenched in a fist.

Close up, the right hand the fingers holding the trumpet are spaced apart, except the thumb which overlaps the pointer finger and touches the middle finger.

This statue is 7 feet in height, foot to crown.

The underside of this statue is Signed by K Quilter  and by LV Walgren.


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The Wide Grip

Brian Olson

The right trumpet hand on this version of the Angel Moroni has fingers that are spread apart, not touching, except for the thumb. The thumb overlaps the pointer finger, leaving a visible gap between thumb and horn.

The Smooth Sleeve

Brian Olson

The left sleeve on this statue has wrinkles but they are not well defined, giving the sleeve a loose fitting look. To distinguish this Moroni from its nearest similar statue model, look just above the inside of the left elbow to note the lack of crisp creases.

The Bent Elbow

Unlike its most similar brother, this statue has a lower arm that bends forward slightly at the elbow.

The Straight Cuff

Brian Olson

The left cuff of this statue is not windswept, but loose. Additionally, the cuffs on this statue are plain, where as its most similar brother has a visible hem on the cuff