Moroni and Mexico City

The original dedication of the Mexico City Temple was delayed becausea crane operator dropped the Angel Moroni Statue as they were lifting it into place, and it crashed through the roof into the Celestial room. Or at least, that’s the way this rumor goes.All right, I looked everywhere for a single authoritative reference to this, and it only seems to pop up in the form of “this guy I know said…” Not exactly confidence boosting.

There are enough people critical of the Church and its doings that this kind of an accident should have gotten into a newspaper or two. I can think of a couple of times in my lifetime that unfortunate occurrences during temple construction were published near and wide. I did find this from Comtrol Inc.:

Comtrol completed the construction of the Mexico City Temple under a construction management contract. Work on the site had been initiated by others, and had proceeded to the point of approximately 50% completion, but slow overall construction progress resulted in the involvement of Comtrol on the management of completion efforts.

This would indicate that the cause of any delays in the construction were due to issues with the progress the original contractor was making. That being said, the construction of the Mexico City Temple took just under 4 years, which is a normal construction time for a large temple. I would say that this story, or any like it, is highly unlikely to be true.


“Mexico City Temple”

Mexico City Moroni

Placed: ~1982
Faces: South by West