Angels and Bullet Holes

How to say this?

I took some photos of a temple I was visiting in 2011. In the photos it is obvious that in 6 of the 9 panes in one set of stained glass windows the outer protective glass is shattered due to what looks like either many rocks or possibly pellet gun shot.



There are people out there that have anger issues, a severe dislike of the Church, or just no respect for the property of others. These people might not have developed good ways to express their anger.

There are many reasons the statues are replaced. Typically it is due to damage from the elements and pollution. If holes are found during the change out, would that really be very surprising? If people are willing to damage the windows, why not the statue?

This myth? Probably true. But, honestly, don’t sweat it. It doesn’t change anything.


This entire section is based upon personal experience and speculation.