Millard Malin

Millard Fillmore Malin Jr.
Studied At/With
Herman MacNeil, New York City
National Academy of Design, New York City
Born 25 October 1891
Died March 1975

Millard Malin

“Of my own efforts in art and science, I would say … if my life and work are found to have any value, give the glory to God.”
-Millard Malin

Millard F. Malin was born in Salt Lake City to Millard Fillmore Malin and Latter-Day Saint composer Annie Pinnock Malin. He served a mission in New Zealand from 1909 to 1912.

Malin studied sculpture at the National Academy of Design in New York City, chiefly under Herman MacNeil. Prior to that, he was a medical student at the University of Utah for the 1914 to 1915 year studying human anatomy.

While a student in New York, Malin was hired by Gutzon Borglum to assist in sculpting the Confederate Memorial Carving at Stone Mountain in Georgia. Gutzon, who is best known for carving Mount Rushmore, was born in Idaho to LDS Parents who soon after left the Church and moved to the Midwest.

Malin opened his own art studio in the mid 1920’s in Salt Lake with the assistance of his closest friend, Edward O. Anderson. Anderson eventually became the chief architect for the Church and would call on Millard Malin to create the Baptismal Font Oxen and/or additional sculptures for the London England, Bern Switzerland, and Hamilton New Zealand Temples.

Additionally Malin’s work can be found in parks and buildings all over Utah, including the State Capitol building.

In an interview during the Los Angeles Temple open house Malin told the story of how his good friend Elder Mathew Cowley visited him to see the completed clay statue before it was sent of to be cast in aluminum. Elder Cowley said “It is superb!- I like it-like everything about is.” Malin then invited his friend to sign the Statue. Malin was very careful to protect the initials “MC” carved on the bottom edge of the back of the robes through every step of finishing and placing the statue.

Gallery of Malin’s Work


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