LaVar Walgren

LaVar Walgren

LaVar Elof Wallgren
Studied At/With
Self Taught
Born 13 August 1932
Died 1 February 2004

LaVar E. Wallgren

LaVar Wallgren was born in Midvale, Utah to Elof A. Walgreen and Alice Jones Wallgren.

Though not classically trained as an artist or sculptor, Wallgren was asked to come up with a life-size Angel Moroni for the smaller temples, one that would be smaller than the other molds already in use. He knew upon being asked that it would have a scroll, like the angel mentioned in Revelation 14:6-7. He sketched then sculpted the new statue, which was approved by the First Presidency. The new statue  was 5’ 11”, with the face of a much younger man than the other statues.

It was originally intended to be white, rather than gold  leafed, but the only white statue placed, on Monticello Utah Temple, proved to be difficult to see against the  clouds. The Monticello temple statue was then replaced with the 7 foot Quilter Statue. The subsequent statues were given gold leaf before being placed on temples.

As  a highly skilled craftsman who specialized in the casting of fiberglass, a skill he learned with Karl Quilter, Brother Wallgren cast all of the Karl Quilter Angel Moroni  statues in his Kearns, Utah studio. (Brother Quilter also sculpted #5 and #6 on site at Wallgren’s Studio.)

“The most wonderful thing that ever happened to me is when I received a testimony of the Church. That glory and joy and, of course, the opportunity to create these statues is very humbling.”
-LaVar Wallgren

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Quilter’s Moroni (1982)

LaVar Walgren's Moroni, Bismarck North Dakota (