Height Comparison

So many articles today proclaim one statue or another as being the tallest or the shortest. The problem is they don’t all use the same method of measuring. Some go toe to trumpet, some include the ball, some include any ornamentation under the ball for one statue and not for another. When you measure the statues from foot to crown (the top of the head) for a standardized comparison, then The tallest Moroni statue is the Washington D. C. Statue at an impressive 18 feet toe to crown, or just more than 3 times the 5’ 11” height of the shortest Moroni Statue.The smallest upright Statue, carved by LaVar Wallgren, was deliberately made to be the average height of a man: 5 feet 11 inches.  Though the Nauvoo weather vane could arguably be considered the shortest measured in any direction, as it was about 3 feet tall and about 5 feet long.

Jordan River Statue with extra ornamentation - Brian Olson
Jordan River Statue with extra ornamentation – Brian Olson
Draper Statue and Spire – Brian Olson

Often times the Jordan River Statue is quoted as being the Tallest at 20′ tall. However, toe to crown the statue is only 15 feet, and to arrive at the 20 foot number you need to include not only the ball it stands on, but the ornamentation under the ball. Using that method of measurement, the Draper Temple statue would be about 21 – 22 feet making it taller. The Draper Statue is Quilter’s 1985 statue, measuring in at 10′ 6″ tall, and the gilt spire it stands on is taller than it is, which is where the 21 – 22 foot estimate comes from.

Quick Stats

Nauvoo Weather Vane

Length: 5′

Dallin Moroni

Height: 12′ 5″

Malin Moroni

Height: 15′ 5.5″

Fairbanks Moroni

DC Statue Height: 18′
All Other Height: 15′

Knaphus Moroni

Height: 11′ 6″

Quilter 1982 Moroni

Height: 7′

Quilter 1985 Moroni

Height: 10′ 6″

Wallgren Moroni

Height 5′ 11″

Quilter 1998 Moroni

Height: 6′ 10″