Know Your Moroni: A Field Guide


Know Your Moroni: A Field Guide to Angel Moroni Statues

Edition 2015a

Compiled and Written by
Brian A. Olson for

Moroni1 Moroni2 Moroni3 Moroni4 Moroni5 Moroni6 Moroni7 Moroni8

Based on original research by Marvin D. Quist

Thanks to the following for their editing, for their extensive knowledge, and for their assistance:
Marvin D. Quist – Your research started this, your enthusiasm drove it, and your attention to the details finished it.
Rick Satterfield of – Your work inspires, your site provides.
J. Markham of – thanks for catching the mistakes I missed.
D. Dorff – Keep asking questions, keep seeking answers.
M. Olson – Thanks for the corrections. I wouldn’t be here without you. Literally.
N. Wanlass – You know why you are on here.

Special thanks to P. Olson, for your editing and for putting up with my hobbies