Kirtland Temple Documentary

You may remember a while back I talked about a commission in which I produced the West end pulpits of the Kirtland Temple. These pulpits here:

Daytime render of model of the west end pulpits.

The work was for a Documentary produced by BYUTV titled “America’s Sacred Ground: Kirtland.” The team who made the documentary was able to get permission to film in Kirtland Temple. However, as happens during post production, the decision was made to add a scene featuring Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery praying at the pulpits. They had some footage for the scene, but not all of it. So instead of flying back out and resetting for the scene, they filmed on green-screen, and inserted my model after the fact. Here is my model in the scene:

If you wish to watch the whole documentary, you can see it here – Kirtland

Starting at the 43:16 mark you will see this scene.


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