Holiness To The Lord

This is an idea I have been working on for over a year now, nearly two. The idea is to show all the ways and languages that the Inscription, “Holiness To The Lord, The House Of The Lord,” has been displayed or inscribed on temples over the years.

This kind of infographic is hard to maintain, especially these days. There is a good chance that today, or this week, more groundbreakings will be announced and I will have to add more temples to this. (This is why my Timeline infographic is always behind the times!)

Until then, enjoy the work I have put into this, and share it with those you think would be interested in it!

Beneath the infographic there is a link to a high resolution image you can download for free.


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  • quero saber porque esses Templos tem a escrita assim: A Casa do Senhor Santidade ao Senhor
    Atlanta, Geórgia (16)
    Sydney, Australia (5)
    Cardston, Alberta Canadá (3)
    Hamilton, Nova Zelândia (7)
    Jordan River, Utah (14)
    Laie, Havaí (2)
    Londres, Inglaterra (8)
    Los Angeles, Califórnia (6)
    Mesa, Arizona (4)
    Nauvoo, Illinois (1)
    Ogden, Utah (modelo anterior) (9)
    Provo, Utah (10)
    San Diego, Califórnia (16)
    São Paulo, Brasil (12)
    Seattle, Washington (13)
    Washington, D.C. (11)

    pelo menos foi os que eu contei, rsrsrsrs e os demais são ao contrario; Santidade e depois a casa.
    ha alguma razão? Eu creio que como os Templos acima são escritos é o mais correto. pois sabendo que ali é A Casa então devemos ser santificados. pode me ajudar nisso ?

    • There is no set order for this, there is also no official reason for it either. I have even noticed that sometimes the order is one way on the Church’s render, and a completely different order when the Church is built. I have not been able to find any reason for this.

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