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    • Dedication
    • 1999 Columbia South Carolina Temple dedicated
    • 1999 Columbia South Carolina Temple dedicated
    • 2016 Fort Collins Colorado Temple Dedicated

3D LDS Temple | History

A new video for Port-au-Prince Haiti

I have uploaded a new video for the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple, currently under construction. This model is based on the official render from the Church, plus current Google Earth satellite images which show the temple well under construction. There are some guesses still, but I am more confident in this model than I was the… read more »

New Video for Albuquerque New Mexico Temple

Another in my Dusk series, this model of the Albuquerque New Mexico Temple featuers some added detail, especially on the grounds. Click through the image at the bottom of the post to be taken to my page about the Albuquerque New Mexico Temple.

End Credits Bonus Scene 1: Layton’s Future Temple

Though just announced a week ago, it has already been reported in local papers that the Church acquired land in Layton City limits just 2 days prior to the announcement of the new Temple. We are here at the site that the Church purchased in a valiant effort to not only hit existing temples, but… read more »

Arrived at Logan

Last Temple! we are at Logan, and now a journey home awaits us. Thank you for joining us on this trip, we hope you have enjoyed our antics, and we hope you have learned something about each temple along the way. Stay tuned during the credits, as there might be a bonus visit on the… read more »

Through the Canyon to Logan!

In what is our last official temple to temple hop, we are on our way to Logan, our last official stop on this trip. We anticipate that we will be there around 9:30, so before you go to sleep, please take a moment read the Logan Utah Temple History and the 2 Dedicatory Prayers (1884,… read more »

Arrived at Star Valley

Our one and only temple stop in Wyoming, we have arrived at Afton Wyoming. Of Course the Temple is closed this late, but we are here to take photos too. This temple was still under construction the last time I was here, do now I get to take detailed photos!

Off to Afton!

We are on our way to Afton Wyoming to visit the Star Valley Wyoming Temple! Join us in our journey by reading the Temple History and the Dedicatory Prayer. If you are int eh area, stop by for a visit, we anticipate arriving around 7PM UTah Time.

Arrived at Rexburg

We are at our last stop in Idaho before we continue on to another state. It is very wet and rainy. That’s why this picture is not out in front of the temple. Brian is made of sugar and is worried he will melt if he gets too wet.

Off to Rexburg

  We are on our way to Rexburg Idaho earlier than anticipated. The Idaho Falls Temple was very busy – which is not a bad thing. We’ll go into the Rexburg Idaho Temple instead, a trip we are anticipating will take about 20-30 minutes. Join us in the Journey by reading the Rexburg Idaho Temple… read more »

Arrived at Idaho Falls

We are at the Idaho Falls Temple! If you are in the neighborhood, come for a visit! We’ll be going inside for about an hour then take a couple of pictures and be on our way again.

Leaving for Idaho Falls!

The trip should take about an hour, so if you were hoping to catch us, keep that in mind. While we are traveling, read the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple History. Then don’t forget to read the 2 Dedicatory Prayers (1945, 2017.)