3D LDS Temple | History

Alabang Philippines Temple video

I have another video for you today, my first draft for Alabang Philippines. I have 2 more temples to be caught up to the Church again, which I am hoping to be able to do before General Conference. Enjoy the new video!

Phnom Pehn Cambodia Temple video

You may have already seen the official render for the Phnom Pehn Cambodia Temple, released a couple of months ago. You may not have noticed a couple of unusual details on the already unusual temple design. The first thing I noticed is that the render does not show the front door. This makes it difficult… read more »

Angel Moroni and the Earthquake

As many of you who read this may know, a couple years back I wrote a book on the history of the Angel Moroni Statues called Know Your Moroni: A Fieldguide to Angel Moroni Statues. What you might not know, is I that I am working on a complete and total re write. This re… read more »

Bengaluru India Temple video

I have made my first draft video for the Bengaluru India Temple. While the render has beenr eleased, there are still things about this temple and the surrounding grounds I do not know. For now, this video is as close as I can get!

A Video for the Feather River California Temple

Announced as a temple for the Yuba City area, the later renamed Feather River California Temple has had the design revealed, but as of yet, no groundbreaking announcement. This video is my attempt to reconstruct the temple based upon the released render.

First draft for Layton Utah Temple

I have a video for you today of the Layton Utah Temple, or at least, what I think it will look like based upon the single render released by the Church. There is already much guesswork in this model, but I will have to wait until the temple begins full construction before I can see… read more »

Saratoga Springs Utah Temple video

This is one of those times where a decent amount of information was available for the currently under construction Temple. My video probably still has many errors, and things are likely to change during construction, but for now, this is as accurate as can be. I took this model a step farther than I usually… read more »

December at Herod’s Jerusalem

I have been working, for almost 3 weeks now, on trying to finish off my model of Herod’s Temple. This thing is huge and complex. It is also VERY frustrating.

A Video for the Richmond Virginia Temple

I have a video for you today of the Recently released design of the Richmond Virginia Temple. This video is, of course, mostly conjecture as the Church has only released 1 exterior render, and 1 landscape plan, so there is much gueswork here. The temple is still in the designing stages as well, so the… read more »

A first draft for Belém Brazil Temple

I have finished a preliminary video for the Belém Brazil Temple. This temple is currently under construction, and I was limited to just the official Church render when I made the video. I will work on a more accurate video once more details have been released.

Not Idle

I have not made a post in some time now, but I have been working, constantly, and projects for this site. WAY to many projects. Some of the stuff I am working on you will see this year. Some will even come in over the next few weeks. Some of what I am working on… read more »