This Day In History

    • Ground Breaking
    • 1996 Ground broken for Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Temple
    • 2012 Ground broken for Tijuana México Temple

3D LDS Temple | History

Arrived at Idaho Falls

We are at the Idaho Falls Temple! If you are in the neighborhood, come for a visit! We’ll be going inside for about an hour then take a couple of pictures and be on our way again.

Leaving for Idaho Falls!

The trip should take about an hour, so if you were hoping to catch us, keep that in mind. While we are traveling, read the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple History. Then don’t forget to read the 2 Dedicatory Prayers (1945, 2017.)

Arrived at Pocatello

We are at Pocatello, at one of the (many) theorized potential temple sites. The Church just recently acquired additional property here, so we feel pretty good about our choice! A couple of snapshots and maybe some socializing, and on our way again!

We are off to Pocatello!

We’re on the way to Pocatello, we hope to get there around 1:30pm. We will be visiting just one of the suspected temple sites in the city. Rather than write a History for Pocatello, I recommend you visit the page for the temple at Rick Satterfields excellent His history is currently the most complete… read more »

Arrived at Twin Falls

We have arrived at the once former golf course we visited 13 years ago. We will be here for a few minutes taking photos, then be off on our way to Pocatello.

Leaving For Twin Falls

We have left Boise, and are on our way to Twin Falls. The trip will take about _______. We will be there for photos for a bit before we head on our way. Stop in and say hello if you live in the area! While we are traveling, read the Twin Falls Idaho Temple History… read more »

Arrived at Boise

We are here at the Boise Idaho Temple. This is Nathan’s first time since the temple was rebuilt in 2012. My Family and I came for the Open House. We will take some pictures and be here about 45 Minutes.

Arrived at Meridian

First Stop of the Morning, we are at Meridian Idaho! We will be here for  a bit, as we plan on going inside, then we will take some good photos of the temple while we are here. I have been here before, but last time was for the Open House, and there were people and… read more »

Wrapping Up For The Night

We are almost done driving for tonight. We just have a short trip to the rest area, where we hope to get a few decent hours of sleep, then we will head out early tomorrow morning for our next stop!

Arrived at Brigham City

We have arrived at Brigham City, and it is late. This is our last Temple stop for the night, and we will take what photos we can before heading out for the night.