Historic Video Series – St. George Utah Temple (1877-1883)

I am very happy about today’s video. For the last couple of years I have been working on and off on a new set of temple models. These models represent changes made to temples over time. For example, at the St. George Utah Temple, I am currently working on a total of 9 models that show how the annex, tower, and exterior color of the temple have changed over time.

In the past, as Temples have been renovated and given new exteriors, I have added a special thumbnail to the old version of the temple. Today’s video gets the same thumbnail, but is the first video created officially for this new series.

I hope you enjoy it, this model was a pleasure to work on!

If you are interested in seeing the other videos in the Historic Temples video series, click here.

I have many more of these planned, with multiple videos for many of the early temples. While I will continue to make videos of new temples, a large portion of my focus will be moving into these new models.

Below I have included other videos created for the St. George Temple’s Historic timeline.

St. George Utah Temple (1975-2019)

St. George Utah Temple (2022)


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  • The video for the 2022 version of St George does not show the elevator shaft that has been on the northeast corner for many years. Did you just not show it or is it being modified so it doesn’t rise thru the roof anymore?

    • Funny story to that. My 1975 video does not show that mechanical room either. The reason neither model shows it is because I was completely oblivious to it’s existence at first. However I have since learned that that room, on the temple since about 1937, is not going to be there after this current remodel (and from what I can see, is already gone!) So it apparently is correct to not have that box up there, but that is completely blind chance on my part!

      This new renovation will apparently have an elevator in about that same area, but that elevator will move only between the first two floors. The elevator(s) for the rest of the floors will be in the new “West Tower” annex with the grand staircase.

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