Hartford Connecticut Back in Rotation

I have decided to redo the Hartford Connecticut temple model in preparation for the dedication. My initial model was very good, but featured a lot of guess work that did not play out. The grounds need adjustment, the textures are wrong and I am going to add full model trees. Most of all I need to add in the small details that just were not visible in the official render.

Here is a commencement render. I have begun the details, and have a texture I think will work fro the granite portions of the temple. There is a baptistry entrance on the south east corner that was not visible from the render. I have cut in a hole for that. The windows were to wide. The finials were to short. proportions were off all over the place.

Hartford Connecticut TempleIt looks like a mess right now, but give it time. Part of the reason I am not doing weekend posts this go round is so that I can work on Hartford.

It kills me to add one BACK into rotation, but the end result will be well worth it!

Development Image

Hartford Connecticut
A Render from the original model. All In all, it was pretty good, but I am still going to redo it.


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