Friday at Kirtland Ohio

I am adding to the modeling Que. Again. This time it is for Kirtland Ohio. This one is going to be really fun. Many years ago the Department of the Interior Office of National Parks, Buildings, and Reservations did a survey of the Kirtland Ohio Temple for its inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. Those plans became part of the public record, and I finally obtained a set of images in high enough resolution to model from.

As this is no longer a dedicated temple, and was not a temple built for endowments, and as the interior of this temple is open to the public, and as the survey included the interior, my current plans are to model the whole temple.

The WHOLE temple. Inside and out.

Here is where this project is at so far:



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  • interesting facts Bryan, I didn´t know this is no longeer a dedicated Temple. Love your projects, it will be great to take a look at the interior of this Temple, looking forward for it. Great job, keep it up!

    • After the Saints left Kirtland, the Temple was no longer used for its dedicated purpose. The temple became the venue of both private worship and public function. For a short time, the upper floors hosted a variety of public events while the basement was used to keep farm animals. The temple was later leased for many years as a public school. The temple was effectively defiled, and is not considered dedicated anymore. It is now owned by the Community of Christ (Formerly the Reorganized Latter-Day Saints) who may or may not have rededicated it, but not for the purpose of worship as a temple. It is now essentially a tourist attraction.

      • Thanks for the info Bryan! I have to read more about this story. I was going to draw it but I´m not sure because it´s no longer a dedicated temple as you said, but it was in some point of the past and maybe for that reason I will do it. I think this will be the easiest to draw. I´ll see in a couple of days. Thanks for sharing your work, I know it takes time and effort to do this 🙂

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