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    • Announcement
    • 1992 Preston England Temple Announced
    • Dedication
    • 1984 Dallas Texas Temple dedicated
    • Remodel Commencement
    • 2003 Groundbreaking for the rebuilding of the Apia Samoa Temple

Fortaleza Brazil Temple

Construction has begun on the actual Fortaleza Brazil Temple. Having finally got it settled in my own mind that it will be this temple design:

fortaleza Unnoficial render

And not the more intricately detailed larger one that was first unveiled, I decided it was time to jump on in. I was able to pull in the grounds, do some work on the terrain, and get a rough outline fairly quick. So I moved on to adding in details. I have one of the window sets done, and the crown molding course. All in all, a rather good amount of work done. As you might be able to see, the Official render does not have a good view of the windows on that center side section, so may not be able to get as far as I want until more details emerge at the construction site.


Development Image

Fortaleza Brazil Temple Rough
Progress made on the Original model before finding out the design had changed


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