First draft video for Moses Lake Washington

Most of this, especially the side windows and the back window, are just guesswork. This one went fairly quick, compared to some of the others I have worked on recently, This design is small, and fairly simple, and I really like it.

Alternate embed for YT errors:


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  • Brian,
    More on Moses Lake Temple: Still puzzled about the non-use of Moroni on 30% of new temple announcements.
    A little more on the area: Many member families settled in the Columbia Basin when the federal irrigation project was finished (made possible by Grand Coulee Dam), including both of my sets of grandparents. Moses Lake Stake currently has 11 wards and a Spanish speaking branch spread between 4 buildings. There are also Stakes in nearby Ephrata and Othello.
    We are currently in the Columbia River Temple District, which we are told is running at capacity and with 80% bringing family name cards. The temple President says they will lose about 40% of workers and attendance when Moses Lake Temple opens. I’ve tried several times to schedule a session at Spokane Temple without any luck. I hear they are booked beyond full as well.
    Thank you, Wayne

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