Fin. Salt Lake Temple

I have finished my Salt Lake Temple Model, and with it, I have completed a 12 year long project to model all the temples. If it has been dedicated, I have modeled it. If the Church has revealed the render for it, I have modeled it. I am now caught up with the Church. At LEast, Until they release a render for another anounced temple, which knowing my luck, will probably happen this afternoon.

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This is not the end of this hobby, however. I have plans to do historical versions of temples, and I am working on some fun other projects that I will be sharing with you here, so keep checking back!

Click below to go to my Salt Lake Temple page:


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    This is AWESOME and NO SMALL FEAT.
    I doubt anyone in the world can make such a claim. โ€“Not even someone from the Church’s own Temple Department.

    Now get moving on those hundreds of thousands of ward houses. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll send you a very high-res image of the Salt Lake Temple’s ‘Holiness to the Lord’ stone. Just gimme some time to dig it up.

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