Due to problems with my site and the database on the backend, I am having difficulties creating a functioning contact page. Please leave a message either here in the comments (sometimes works) or through the Facebook page for this site (usually works.)

 Before you contact me…

I receive very frequent requests for copies of my 3D model files for 3D printing or whatever purpose. The work on this site represents an effort well in excess of 10,000 hours of work over the last decade, and I am sorry but I do not give them out, nor do I sell the digital files.

There is an intention that this might become a living for me, as I will be selling 3D printed models, some of which are already available at

Note: No Soliciting. If you’re trying to sell me your service, don’t click submit.


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  • I love your work. I also love flight sims. It’s too bad you do not share the files, but I completely understand. So, now I want to go and remake your models so I can covert them to flight simulator format so I can love to see the temple as I fly!

  • I have a most humble request. Could you do a graphic that shows the Los Angeles, Salt Lake, and Washington DC temples side-by-side? Length and width? We all know that the DC temple is the tallest, which makes many believe it is the ‘biggest’ temple. We also know that the LA temple has the most volume, causing many to claim it as the ‘biggest’. And we know that the Salt Lake temple has the most square footage – because of much lower ceilings and the monstrous basement, causing it to be thought of as the biggest. I think a side-by-side comparison might help illustrate that one is the tallest, one is the largest over-all structure, and one has a lot of hidden square footage we just don’t think about.

  • U t doing a great job! I use these models to help me understand certain books of the Bible at the moment, am studying the the ark of the covenant etc I r work is a blessing to many👌

  • Dear Brian,

    I like you work.

    Do you sell 3D printed models of the Madrid Temple and send it to Spain?

    How much will it cost?

    Kind regards,

    • Unfortunately, my models are designed to render as fast as possible for video content. As such, they are not compatible with 3d printing. I have in the past modified models, upon request, for 3D printing. However, the time necessary for conversion is typically 40-80 hours. Additionally, I do not own a 3D printer, so I must subcontract the printing, and it becomes very expensive, typically between $150 – $500. Because of this, No one ever purchased my models, and I just waste weeks of time. I no longer desire to make my models 3D printable.

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