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    • Announcement
    • 1968 Washington D.C. Temple Announced
    • 1975 Seattle Washington Temple Announced
    • Ground Breaking
    • 2011 Ground broken for Fortaleza Brazil Temple

Cebu City Philippines Temple

Cebu City Philippines Temple is now a finished model and off into the render Que. 2 days, 2 finished models. That’s a pace I am not keeping up for long, I assure you.

This update features a complete rework of the proportions, based off a photo that was well taken that I was able to use for reference. The trees are in, the grounds are finished, the support buildings are in. Overall, this is one I am happy with. There are a few things I can do for a future update, perhaps someday when I have a  really powerful computer I will go crazy with the trees and textures, but this will do for now.Cebu City Philippines TempleCebu City

Development Images


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