Work in Progress

Salt Argentina Temple 1st Draft Video

A bit more than a week after the render was initially released, here is my model and video for the Salta Argentina Temple. As usual, I had only the render to work off of, so any details like landscaping will have to wait for another day closer to the completion of the temple.

Okinawa Japan Temple First Draft Video

In an effort to keep up with the Church, I present to you today my first draft video for the Okinawa Japan Temple, the design of which was released just last week. Enjoy! NKO8PSO7PkY

First Draft for Cobán Guatemala Temple

This last Monday the Church released an official artists render for the Coban Guatemala Temple and the Okinawa Japan Temple. Despite having other work I needed to get done this week, I managed to scrape enough time in the evenings to put together this model. The fact that is is so nearly the same as… read more »

Historic Video Series – St. George Utah Temple (1883-1887)

This is the second historic variation of the St. George Utah Temple, and it features the first appearance of the new, taller, spire for the temple. The Lightning Myth Much has been said about how the spire came to be, and the stories are, more often than not, wrong. Tradition holds that Brigham Young hated… read more »

First draft video for Moses Lake Washington

Most of this, especially the side windows and the back window, are just guesswork. This one went fairly quick, compared to some of the others I have worked on recently, This design is small, and fairly simple, and I really like it. Alternate embed for YT errors:

First Draft Video for the Tooele Valley Utah Temple

This might be the fastest I have put out a video. The render for this temple was released on Tuesday, three days ago. The timing for me was rather good. Something frustrating had just come up, and I needed a distraction,s o I dove in head first. The kids were on spring break, so I… read more »

First draft video for Brasilia Brazil Temple

Well, the Brasilia Brazil Temple is the last temple I needed to model to catch up with the Church. Personally, I expect things will get harder to keep up with once conference is over, so I was happy to be able to say I at least caught up!

First video for Auckland New Zealand Temple

I finished a first attempt at modeling Auckland New Zealand. Now I only have one more temple to go before I cam caught back up to the Church (at least in regard to officially released renders!) I fully expect my attempt to keep up with all the temples to become significantly harder this coming conference… read more »

Alabang Philippines Temple video

I have another video for you today, my first draft for Alabang Philippines. I have 2 more temples to be caught up to the Church again, which I am hoping to be able to do before General Conference. Enjoy the new video!

Phnom Pehn Cambodia Temple video

You may have already seen the official render for the Phnom Pehn Cambodia Temple, released a couple of months ago. You may not have noticed a couple of unusual details on the already unusual temple design. The first thing I noticed is that the render does not show the front door. This makes it difficult… read more »