Work in Progress

Kirtland Temple Documentary

You may remember a while back I talked about a commission in which I produced the West end pulpits of the Kirtland Temple. These pulpits here: The work was for a Documentary produced by BYUTV titled “America’s Sacred Ground: Kirtland.” The team who made the documentary was able to get permission to film in Kirtland… read more »

Fin. Salt Lake Temple

I have finished my Salt Lake Temple Model, and with it, I have completed a 12 year long project to model all the temples. If it has been dedicated, I have modeled it. If the Church has revealed the render for it, I have modeled it. I am now caught up with the Church. At… read more »

St. Louis Missouri Temple video is now Online!

My video for St. Louis Missouri Temple is now online! Once upon a time, when we visited the St. Louis Temple, I recorded audio just to use on this video. I have no idea where that audio went, so you won’t hear it today. I guess I thought I would never use it and deleted… read more »

How I spent the last Month

Here are the results of my last commission in their final form and their final home. They will be on display in the JSB at BYU through October as part of the Tabernacle Exhibit they are hosting currently. Tickets are going fast, so get them while you can!

The New Commission, part 4

This was an unexpected addition to the original plan. What you see here is my modifications to a model of Jerusalem at the Time of King Solomon. I have modified all the textures to look more natural and random, added additional homes including the high density neighborhoods at the lower left (south) end of the… read more »

New Commision, Part 3

Well, Here is part 3. Some of you have probably already guessed what is coming. My version is a mix between the Messiah in The Temple group’s 3d recreation, and the BYU sponsored version created for the Virtual Scriptures app. So here is my model, and some detail photos, of Herod’s Temple, the temple at… read more »

The New Commission part 2

This is part 2 of the current project I am working on. I enjoyed this more than the Tabernacle of Moses. Most of the model was done when I received it, but I have redone the Ark, the Cherubim, The font, the walls around the courtyard, the textures, the materials, The terrain, the lighting, and… read more »