This Day In History

    • Announcement
    • 1993 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Temple Announced
    • Dedication
    • 1981 Jordan River Utah Temple dedicated
    • 2014 Phoenix Arizona Temple Dedicated
    • Ground Breaking
    • 2001 Ground Broken for Accra Ghana Temple
    • Rededication
    • 2008 México City México Temple rededicated


Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple (1st draft)

I have a first draft video for the Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple. This is really rough, and is based upon The Official render, and the grounds of the Stake Center where it will be built. Click the image below to go to my page for the Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple. Video and Model Details

Bangkok Thailand Temple Video

I have a new video for the Bangkok Thailand Temple. This is an early draft and is based solely upon the render the Church has released, so I have guessed on most of the model. I will make further updates as more information is released. Click the Link below to go to my Bangkok Thailand… read more »

New Video for Anchorage Alaska Temple

I have a new video for the Anchorage Alaska Temple. This one is in my Dusk Series, and I did make one mistake. I forgot to reverse the animation on the Second Half of the video, so things jump a bit! Click the Image below to go to my Anchorage Temple Page.

A new video for Port-au-Prince Haiti

I have uploaded a new video for the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple, currently under construction. This model is based on the official render from the Church, plus current Google Earth satellite images which show the temple well under construction. There are some guesses still, but I am more confident in this model than I was the… read more »

New Video for Albuquerque New Mexico Temple

Another in my Dusk series, this model of the Albuquerque New Mexico Temple featuers some added detail, especially on the grounds. Click through the image at the bottom of the post to be taken to my page about the Albuquerque New Mexico Temple.

The 2005 Temple Tour – Pacific North West

In preparation for out Temple Tour next week, here is a video! This video features photos and descriptions of the temples we visited in 2005 on our tour. The Tour Took us through Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, northern California, and Northern Nevada. Follow the trip next week here:   Twitter LinkedIn Facebook

An Invitation to an Adventure

I have something I want to share with you, and invite you to come along. I know this is not my usual fare, and doesn’t seem to share much with 3D Temples, but indulge me a bit, and come along anyway!   I forgot to mention in the video, but if you live near one… read more »

New Dusk Video for Adelaide Australia Temple

I learned something important with this video. When doing multiple lights in a scene, turn off reflection in the temple stone, even if it is there in real life. So distracting. I will know next time. This video features updated and fixed details on the model, as well as the addition of the lights around… read more »

A New Video for Accra Ghana

Moving forward with the new series, today I present to you the Accra Ghana Temple. This new video has an updated model for the temple, simple models for the support buildings and fence, plus a dusk scene featuring the night lighting for the temple. Click the image below to see my updated Accra Ghana Temple… read more »

New video for Aba Nigeria Temple

I am trying some new things with Blender. I am working on optimizing my scenes for quicker renders. Making a model complex, and adding multiple lights, massively slows down a render. This video is in two parts. One half is daytime, the other half is dusk. The daylight half took 2 minutes per frame. The… read more »

The Paris France Temple Again

Having completed it some weeks ago around Christmas, I as finally able to find time to render a new video for my updated Paris France Temple model. This model is more correct with the finished temple, it being the first made after the temple was dedicated. Additionally I have done a major overhaul of my… read more »

Tabernacle of Moses Demo Reel

Those of you who were able to attend the Tabernacle of Moses exhibit at BYU have already seen this. For those of you were unable to get tickets, here is the tabernacle renders and video I did for the exhibit. The video itself had some issues, most of that is linked to the small amount… read more »