Historic Video Series – Logan Utah Temple (1884)

The longest, and possibly most complex video I have ever released. This temple model represents the Logan Temple as it probably looked in 1884 when it was dedicated. This model features the interior rooms of the original temple. These rooms have since been removed during a renovation in the 1970s. I had a good time… read more »

Angel Moroni and the Earthquake

As many of you who read this may know, a couple years back I wrote a book on the history of the Angel Moroni Statues called Know Your Moroni: A Fieldguide to Angel Moroni Statues. What you might not know, is I that I am working on a complete and total re write. This re… read more »

Original Nauvoo mostly complete

The original Nauvoo Temple is mostly complete now. I have finished most of the modeling, still some small tweaks here and there. The big problem now is some of the textures that need fixing. I can fix the ones on the west end easily enough, but on the east end I have found 2 different… read more »

The Weather up there at Nauvoo Temple

Nearly there at the Nauvoo Temple. I have been looking forward to this all week. I still have some finishing touches to do on the Angel weather vane (It was not Angel Moroni, that did not happen until Salt Lake,) but this has made for a fun and challenging evening for me. I have thoroughly… read more »

Original Nauvoo Temple Project: Day 5

Another update on the Nauvoo Temple project. I feel like I am dragging myself across the line with this one. I have worked for the last day to do, and redo, and redo again, the attic and roof of the temple. The research I am relying on for this model was originally compiled by architects… read more »

Original Nauvoo Temple Project: Day 4

Today at the Nauvoo Temple Model, second story assembly hall AND Mezzanine. I am going to redo the seating up here. There is reason to believe that while it was usable, and often used for community meetings on account of it being a slightly larger space, it was not well finished like the lower story…. read more »

Original Nauvoo Temple Project: Day 3

Easy progress on the Nauvoo Temple First Floor mezzanine, so most of the day was spent reworking textures and moving ahead on the Second Floor Assembly hall. There is a semi arched vault above the first floor assembly hall that I spent a lot of time trying to get just right. In the end, it… read more »

Original Nauvoo Temple Project: Day 2

I finished up work on the assembly hall of the main floor of the Nauvoo temple today. At least for now. Again, much research went into this, and the details are as accurate to the theories we felt were most plausible as we could possibly make them. The level of detail here is crazy, and… read more »

A Hiatus from Temple a day this week

I’ve had a project come up that I have decided will take precedence over my other model efforts. At this point I hope to only need to work on it this week, then let the computer do the render next week while I get back to work on the normal models. I am working on… read more »

Renders and Research: Saint George Utah Temple

I have been consolidating some of my collected stuff on various temples, and have been reading and researching more as a result. I recently got caught up in an excellent article about The Saint George Utah Temple spire. I am sure You have all heard the story: Upon completion of the temple, Brigham Young was not… read more »