Caracas Venezuela Temple to the Render

Caracas Venezuela Temple is off to the render. By the time I get this post finished, it will be nearly done I think, so expect to see the video in a day or two.

I redid the grounds, as they were wrong. It’s amazing how one little photo can open up so many details that I originally thought I had correct. The fence is in now too, and the details are about as good as they can be. This model is not as perfect as I was hoping, Finding reference material was the biggest issue. I am hoping I did the temple justice, and will keep an eye out for new sources for a future render.

In other news, I am going to try to do the “different temple every day” thing, with the exception of weekends this go round, so watch for more posts in the next few weeks! Hopefully!

Caracas Venezuela Temple
Caracas Venezuela Temple through the trees.
Caracas Venezuela Temple from above.
Caracas Venezuela Temple from above.

Development images


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