By Request: Cedar City

I recently received a request for an update on my Cedar City Temple model. The news is… well, not good. And by that, I mean, it’s awesome, and I completely finished it, and I was almost done rendering it.

And then the construction crew caught up with me.

Let me show you some of the problems I found with my model. There are 2 big glaring ones.

West End Windows

First, the west windows. Here is my render of the west side. (Notice that I had finished everything, grounds and all!) My west windows are based on the front spire windows.

Cedar City Temple

It looks great, I know. But reality does not match my ideas:

cedar city temple -
photo from

So I need to redo the whole center west end.

The Grounds

Unfortunately, I also made the mistake of completing the grounds at on my model. Cedar City Temple render

So notice how I have square parking lots, and a slight curve across the back road and everything is squares. Now compare it to this image from

cedar-city-mormon-temple-1463679107See the beginnings of the parking lot? It’s going to be a beautiful arch of parking lot around the North, West, and South ends of the temple. combine this with the nice garden area you can see in front of the Church’s official render, and, well, lets just say I need to redo the whole of the grounds. I was anticipating having more time before they started on the grounds, and I was wrong.

Also, for reasons I cannot fathom, I have not gilded the Moroni Statue.

Cedar City Temple 0542

I am baffled as to how I managed that, but I think I will fix that too.

Unfortunately, I have a goal to redo the Sapporo Temple model, which I had ALL wrong, and the Philadelphia Temple model, which suffers from the same issues, before I dig into the issues I have with this model.

Here is a gallery of my early renders from this model:



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