Bangkok Thailand

In Honor of the rendering released last week of the Bangkok Thailand Temple, I wanted to take a moment and show you the progress I have mode on my model for that temple. Of course there is only so much I can do from a single render, so it will be a a while until I can find out the exact shape and layout of the support building. I have still made excellent progress on the temple itself however. The first render is from the same angle as the Church Render, to give you a feel for the accuracy, and the second is from another angle to show that it is my own guess as to the layout.

The lot that the temple will be built on already has a church office building on it. You may have noticed that when they revealed the temple design they did not, as they usually do, announce a groundbreaking. It is probable that, because the existing building needs to be removed, that there will not be a groundbreaking. There is precedence for this, as both Tokyo Japan and Paris France Temples had no groundbreaking. In Both cases existing structures had to be demolished before construction could begin. As demolition also usually involves excavating the old foundations on site, it means you have already begun work for the new excavations, and there is no way to safely have a groundbreaking ceremony.


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