ALL the Temples – Temple Infographic

Quick! Download or view this Temple Infographic now before the Church announces more!

2016 Temple Infographic teaser

This version of my info graphic contains all announced temples including Rio de Janeiro Brazil and Arequipa Peru, which were just revealed a couple of weeks ago.

All the Models

So, does this mean I am finished with all the temple models?!?!?

Ummm, no, unfortunately. Somewhere along the way as I made this over the last month, It dawned on me that with a  little work I could probably include all the temples. It would require me finishing the temple model for about 30 temples.  I finished about 3 of them before I realized I only actually had to finish the side facing the camera. So I HAVE finished at least 25% of every remaining temple model.

So I got that going for me.

Special Features

Over the years I have collected much information on temples, including historical data. In this version of the infographic, you will see small icon like renders man of the temples that feature changes made to the temples over time. These will include changes to the exterior or to the temple annex.

Possible Errors

Yep. There are possible errors. Each temple in this infographic has between 2 and 17 individual data-points, across 175 individual temples.  One datapoint for each temple is the model, which itself has hundreds of datapoints (Height, width, length, proportion, color, trim-work, windows, doors etc.) So in all we are talking hundreds of thousands of points of data. And all maintained, input and created by one guy.

To add to that, the working file for creating this is so wide that it exceeds the ability of the jpg file format by 10,000 pixels, and when uncompressed for editing it takes up 4.5 Gb of disk space, which causes every edit to run slow.

So yeah, there are probably errors.

That said I have worked hard over a long time to minimize the errors. If you think you notice one, feel free to politely point it out to me, and I will either fix it at a future date or let you in on the data I have that caused me to do it the way I did.

View or Download the Temple Infographic here:

Temple Infographic Page



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  • Hi Brian,

    Fantastic job with this again. Cheers for sharing.

    Just a couple of details you might want to consider.

    The Salt Lake City annex as it stands now was smaller when first built. The entrance was on through the Temple Square external wall.

    The Sydney Temple when first built always had an annex that was connected by a single glass corridor to the Tempe proper on a slight upward slant as it sat below the main level. I have memories as a small child watching my sister from the outside run up to the main building to do baptisms for the first time. That was then replaced by the extension that connected it to the main building.

    The Hamilton NZ Temple was also extended out the back sometime in the late 60’s or early 70’s. I’ve been trying to find a picture of the back to show you. Also, up to the late 80’s the front entrance was covered by a metal enclosed entrance way, it was unnatractive and is now removed. If I find photos I’ll link to you.

    Once again, thank you.

    • Well I was certain that there were annex changes I was missing, but hopw do you model what you can’t see?

      I went back and looked at my Salt Lake Source Material. Sure enough, I have that same version of the annex in other photos. I was not expecting there to be 2 versions so I never saw 2 versions. It’s rather embarrassing.

      I was also able to locate another version of Saint George. I will have to find a way to include them in my poster version I am trying to make. (They are not going to fit in the current long version I am afraid!) I had thought they tore down the water tower to make the first annex, but they apparently built the annex around the water tower first, then tore the tower down and filled the space with more annex!

      For Hamilton, I knew there had to be an extension added. You can see the place where it was added on Satellite photos, but I have not been able to confirm with photos either! I think I may have seen photos of the entryway cover you are mentioning. I will have to research that one more as well.

      I had heard rumors about Sydney. If I understand correctly te small building off the back left corner has always been there and is the section connected by the walkway you were talking about? With enough Description I might be able to fake it, but I would love some photographs. I will have to see if the local Universities have anything that might help.

      Please do let me know if you find anything that might help. I would love to include the Sydney and Hamilton revisions!

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