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São Paulo Brazil Temple Wiki


The São Paulo Brazil Temple is the 17th operating temple.



In 1975 at an area conference in Brazil, then President of the Mormon Church, Spencer W. Kimball, announced that a temple would be built in São Paulo. Even before a song was sung or a prayer was offered, President Spencer W. Kimball stood before the congregation gathered for the 1975 São Paulo Brazil Area Conference and said, “I have an important announcement.” Hush fell over the crowd. “A temple will be built in Brazil,” he continued as a rendition of the edifice was unveiled to a chorus of gasps. “It will be built [here] in São Paulo.”[1]

At that time, part of the cost of building a temple was borne by the general membership of the Mormon Church, South American members were given assignments to earn money towards the São Paulo Temple fund, in addition to paying tithes and offerings. Each ward or branch was assigned an amount of money to raise. Many of the members did not have money to contribute to the temple fund and instead offered rings, bracelets and other objects of gold, silver, and precious stones.[2] Each ward that was assigned to raise an amount of money either met or surpassed the goal.


Twelve months after the announcement of the temple, construction began. Hundreds of members gathered to clear the site, which included removing brush, weeds, and banana trees. Sacrifice continued with eight hundred members donating their time to produce fifty thousand blocks of cast stone composed of quartz, marble chips, and white concrete for the exterior of the São Paulo Temple.

Open House

An open house for the new temple was held 1-30 September 1978. Visitors to the public open house of the temple were treated with a theatrical production entitled “The Gate,” written by Ana Glucia Ceciliato. In the weeks preceding the open house, some sixty Church children, youth, and adults gathered for rehearsals in São Paulo from various cities in the region. Over 20,000 people enjoyed the talents and testimonies of these Saints, making it one of the most effective missionary tools.[3]


The São Paulo Temple was the first Mormon temple built in South America. It was dedicated on October 30, 1978 by President Spencer W. Kimball. At the time, there were more than 242,000 members of the Church living in South America, with 54,000 in Brazil alone. As of 2006 there are a total of thirteen Mormon temples in South America.

Dedicatory Prayer

Dedication Order

For a time, the São Paulo Brazil Temple offered overnight endowment sessions from Friday through Saturday to accommodate the many members who came on the weekend.


n August 2002 for a significant renovation and expansion project. The basement was finished into additional space, and the mechanical systems were upgraded. The original furniture—made of exceptional quality in the factory of the first stake president of Brazil—was easily restored to superb condition.[4]

On August 20, 2003, twenty-five years after the opening of the temple, a gold-leafed statue of the angel Moroni was added during the extensive renovation project.

Open House

During the open house held from 17 January-14 February preceding the rededication of the temple, 99,000 people toured the refurbished temple. This is an average of 3,960 people per day of the 25 day open house. Distinguished guests included São Paulo State Governor, Geraldo Alckmin and former Brazil President Fernando Collor de Mello. “The temple is magnificent,” Mr. Collor de Mello said. “Congratulations on your faith in Brazil and on the strength and faith of your people.”[5]


President Gordon B. Hinckley rededicated the São Paulo Brazil Temple on February 22, 2004.

Rededicatory Prayer

Rededication Order


Temple President Years Served
President Fernando A. Silva 2015–
President Paulo R. Puerta 2012–2015
President Stanley D. Neeleman 2009–2012
President Jairo Mazzagardi 2006–2009
President J. Kent Jolley 2003–2006
President Oswaldo S. Camargo 1999–2003
President Aledir P. Barbour 1996–1999
President Athos M. Amorim 1993–1996
President Helio R. Camargo 1990–1993
President Wayne M. Beck 1987–1990
President Hal R. Johnson 1984–1987
President José B. Puerta 1979–1984
President Finn B. Paulsen 1978–1979

Sao Paulo Brazil Temple was the first temple to use the single story, single spire design. The spire is 101 feet (31 m) tall.

The São Paulo Brazil Temple has a total of 59,246 square feet, two ordinance rooms, and four sealing rooms.












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