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Orlando Florida Temple Wiki


The Orlando Florida Temple is the 46th operating temple. The Orlando Temple serves 95,000 members in 22 stakes in Florida and one stake in southern Georgia. The temple serves a culturally diverse area and offers ordinance work in forty different languages.



On 17 February 1990 it was announced by the First Presidency that a temple would be built in Orlando, Florida. [1]

By 30 June 1990 the Church had selected a 13 acre site in Windermere Florida, and efforts to rezone began almost immediately.[2] However local residents soon began to express concern with the plan, saying it did not fit with the nieghborhood.[3]

A Rezoning hearing was held 6 February of the following year. The session ran for 3 hours, with residents voicing opposition and calling the plan a tourist attraction. There was a great show of support for the Church’s representatives from local members and in the end the commission voted 6-1 in favor of allowing the project to move forward.[4]

The dissenting commissioner took up the battle cry of “tourist attraction” and fought to have the council reconsider their vote in favor of the project, and the commission was ready to take up a deliberation on the vote again[5] when a lawsuit to overturn the vote was presented by the local residents. [6] The lawsuit contended that the Commission abandoned its growth plan when approving the project and that local roads could not support the traffic the Temple would inevitably bring.[7]

The Church and local residences were able to settle differences over the project by October of 1991. The Church reduced the size of the temple from a proposed 76,000 down to 70,000. The Church agreed to reduce the seating of the endowment rooms, cut the number of parking spaces down accordingly, and lower the spire ten feet. To address the concerns of the temple becoming a tourist attraction, it was agreed that a visitors center could not be built within 5 miles of the temple.[8]


A groundbreaking ceremony and site dedication were held on 20 June 1992, and presided over by Elder James E. Faust, then of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. [9]

Open House

The temple was open for public tours 10-30 September 1994.  By the end of the 18 open hous 93,261 people had toured the temple, an average of 5,181 per day.[10]


The Orlando Florida Temple was dedicated 9-11 of October 1994. The temple was dedicated by President Howard W. Hunter.[10] Orlando is one of two temples dedicated by President Hunter, the other is the Bountiful Utah Temple.

The dedication was a huge event with more than 4,000 volunteers needed to direct traffic and guide members to their seats. 20,670 people attended across 12 dedication ceremonies.

Dedicatory Prayer

Dedication Order


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Located near Windermere, it was built with a modern single-spire design. The site of the temple is 13 acres in an area where the 165-foot spire topped with an Angel Moroni statue can be easily seen. 70,000 square foot



The facade of the temple is white cast stone.






Spires and Moroni




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