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The Hong Kong China Temple (Chinese: 中國香港聖殿, pronounced Zhōngguó xiānggǎng shèng diàn), formerly the Hong Kong Temple, is the 48th operating temple.  The temple serves church members from parts of India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Mongolia, Guam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia, Micronesia, Majuro, and Indonesia.


Location Search

Search for a site had begun in spring of 1991 with several sites being looked at. Finding a site on which to build had been difficult, especially given the high cost of real estate in the area. After an exhausting day looking at locations on 25 July 1992, then Elder Hinckley was unsettled about what to do. He was unable to sleep until a distinct impression came to him that they already had the needed property where the mission home and chapel currently stood, and the temple could be built by placing it into the top floors of a multi-story building. He arose the next morning with that thought in his head and sketched the design of the temple on a piece of paper. The design used the upper floors for the temple, and lower floors for replacement facilities for the Mission home, Chapel, and other offices.[1][2]


On 3 October 1992, then-First Counselor in the First Presidency Gordon B. Hinckley, announced plans to build a temple in the Hong Kong.[3] The Temple was announced in conjunction with temples for Hartford Connecticut (Later changed to Boston and White Plains) and Mount Timpanogos Utah Temples.


Ground for the Hong Kong Temple was broken on 22 January 1994 by Elder John K. Carmack of the Seventy.[4]

Open House

An open house was held for the Hong Kong China Temple 7-21 May 1996. During that 13 day time period about 13,000 people attended.


The dedication of the Hong Kong China Temple took place on 26-27 May 1996. Then President Gordon B. Hinckley dedicated the Temple over 7 Sessions.

Dedicatory Prayer

Dedication Order

The Hong Kong China Temple was the 48th temple dedicated. At the time of its dedication there were 5 other temples under construction (St. Louis Missouri, Mount Timpanogos Utah, Preston England, Vernal Utah, and Bogota Colombia) and another 9 temples announced awaiting ground breaking.


Temple President Years Served
President Richard F. Lee 2016–
President Chung H.P. Wong 2013–2016
President John M. Aki 2010–2013
President Charles W. H. Goo 2007–2010
President Kwok Yuen Tai 2004–2007
President Jerry D. Wheat 2001–2004
President W. Brent Hardy 1998–2001
President Kat Hing Ng 1996–1998
Hong Kong China Temple courtyard and grounds
Hong Kong Temple Courtyard and grounds

Because of the land shortage in the territory, the temple was ‘built up’ instead of ‘spreading out’. The six-story building houses the temple, a chapel, mission offices, and living quarters for the temple president and several missionaries. The ground floor level of the temple is comprised mostly of a large outdoor courtyard that sits under the bulk of the temple. This method of land usage has since been repeated with the design of the Manhattan New York Temple.

The Hong Kong Temple has a total of 21,744 square feet (2,020.1 m2), two ordinance rooms, and two sealing rooms.












Spires and Moroni




Sculptor  Karl Quilter
Version  1982
Placed  12 December 1995
Faces  East

Individuals and Contractorsr

Architect  Liang Peddle Thorpe Architects
Project Manager
 General Contractor

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