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Cochabamba Bolivia Temple Wiki


The Cochabamba Bolivia Temple is the 82nd operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the first to be built in Bolivia.



In 1995, the First Presidency announced that a temple would be built in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba. A temple for Recife Brazil was also announced at that time.[1]

They were the first Temple announcements made since the calling of Gordon B. Hinckley as prophet and president of the Church on 12 March of that same year.[2]


President Gordon B. Hinckley presided over the groundbreaking on 10 November 1996. 4,000 people gathered during one of the heaviest rainstorms the area had seen in ten years. He addressed the gathering, “My beloved and wet brothers and sisters”.[3]

Open House

Before the temple was dedicated it was open to allow the public to tour the temple for one week, from 8-15 April 2000. Originally the temple open house had been scheduled for two weeks.[4] However, civil unrest in the city of Cochabamba, due to an ill-fated attempt to privatize the municipal water supply, caused the first week was cancelled. LDS Church leaders were pleased when 65,570 people toured the temple, coming close to the goal of 75,000.[5] Because of the open house, over 2,200 people requested to be visited by the Mormon missionaries.


President Hinckley dedicated the Cochabamba Bolivia Temple in four sessions on April 30, 2000. In the dedicatory prayer, Hinckley recognized the founder of Bolivia, Simón Bolívar, who died the year the church was organized. [6]

Cochabamba Bolivia Temple Presidents

President Luis García 2016–
President Jay E. Jensen 2013–2016
President Lee W. Crayk 2010–2013
President Abel T. Gonzáles 2007–2010
President D. Evans Heywood 2004–2007
President Richard W. Hardy 2002–2004
President VerNon A. Bingham 2000–2002

The Cochabamba Bolivia Temple is of modern design with clean lines and little in the way of exterior ornamentation.


It has a total of 35,500 square feet (3298.1 m2)*, two ordinance rooms, and three sealing rooms. The temple is 148 feet wide, by 137 feet deep. The temple appears to use share a similar floorplan to the Albuquerque New Mexico and the Houston Texas Temples.

Temple Sealing Rooms Endowment Rooms Floors Width Length Square Feet Footprint
Cochabamba 3 2 2 148 137            35,500      15,370
Albuquerque 3 2 2 145 134            34,245      15,350
Houston 3 2 2 145 136            33,970      16,160

*Depending on the Church News Article used for reference, the temple is between 33,000 and 35,500 square feet. Differences in articles like this are typically caused by what is considered part of the temple when measured (for example, mechanical mezzanines and other maintenance areas are sometimes, but not always, included in square footage accounting.)



 The exterior is finished with a blend of hand-hewn granite and plaster.










Spires and Moroni


A statue of the Angel Moroni tops the primary tower at 116 feet high. 4 shorter towers , 2 on the front and 2 on the back, are attached at the edges of the main body of the temple. Each tower is topped with a very shallow leaded copper pyramid that is wider than it is tall.


Sculptor  Karl Quilter
Version  1982
Faces  East by South  (100°)
Feet  7
Meters  2.1

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  • Correction about when the Cochabamba Bolivia Temple. Yes this temple was announced at the same time with the Recife Brazil Temple on January 13, 1995. But Gordon B. Hinckley didn’t become president of the LDS Church until March 12, 1995. These two temples were announced while Howard W. Hunter was still serving as Church president.

    The first temples Gordon B. Hinckley announced after becoming LDS Church president was the Boston Massachusetts temple and the Caracas Venezuela temple. On September 30, 1995 during a session of general conference. About seven months after he was sustained as Church president.

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