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Boise Idaho Temple

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This is an update to my Boise Idaho Temple model, there were some presumptions on what it would look like that turned out wrong, plus there was the issue of it being under construction and having no idea what it would look like for the grounds. This is now up to date with its current look and feel. I Hope.


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This is the second Boise Idaho Temple Model I have made. It was the first with full detail. I may be rendering out the older version someday, but that will be awhile. This Animation is a rendering of my model of the Boise Idaho Temple. A couple of weeks before I made it Construction crews began pulling the dark black and gray marble of the facade as part of the remodel. It was announced at that time they would be re-cladding the temple with the same granite used on the Draper Temple. (This is now finished) This model uses a photograph of the draper temple as the texture, to give an example of what this might look like.


5 Freeway Soundsgenelythgow
010709 Blackbirds (Boise)


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Based upon the 1987 Variation of the Boise Idaho Temple, this is the model that was most recently accepted to Google Earth.


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Boise Idaho Temple Wiki


The Boise Idaho Temple is a temple located in the city of Boise, Idaho.



LDS Church leaders discussed building a temple in the western part of Idaho as early as 1939. President Heber J. Grant was invited to Idaho’s capital where 15 prominent local businessmen offered to the Church any available site in Boise to build Idaho’s first temple, but Idaho Falls was chosen due to the concentration of membership in Eastern Idaho. President Grant told the men that when membership increased in the Boise area, a temple would be built there.


Forty-five years later, on March 31, 1982, church leaders announced that a temple would be built in the Boise area.


On December 18, 1982, approximately 5,000 members huddled on the site of the Boise Idaho Temple to witness the groundbreaking ceremony where Elder Mark E. Petersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles presided.

Open House

During a special preview, numerous state officials including Idaho Governor John Evans, Lieutenant Governor David Leroy, and Secretary of State Pete Cenarusa toured the interior of the Boise Idaho Temple. Also part of the group were 246 ministers of other faiths and their family members.

70,000 visitors were expected to tour the temple during the nineteen-day open house. Instead, 128,716 attended, an average of 7,572 per day of the 17 days of the open house. The usual number of convert baptisms more than doubled the month following the open house; people even called the mission office asking how to get baptized.



Boise Idaho Temple
Boise Idaho Temple at Dedication

The Boise Idaho Temple was dedicated in 24 sessions to allow the many Church members within the temple district to attend. Gordon B. Hinckley, then the second counselor in the First Presidency of the Church, offered the dedicatory prayer.

Dedicatory Prayer

Dedication Order

The Boise Idaho Temple is the 29th constructed and 27th operating temple in the world. the  _ in the United States, and the 2nd temple built in Idaho, following the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple.

At the time of its dedication there were  11 Temples under construction, 7 temples awaiting ground breaking, and 1 undergoing renovation.

Under Constructions Awaiting Groundbreaking Under Renovation
 Sydney Australia  Frankfurt Germany  Manti Utah
 Buenos Aires Argentina  Guayaquil Ecuador
 Manila Philippines  Las Vegas Nevada
 Guatemala City Guatemala  Portland Oregon
 Johannesburg South Africa  Toronto Ontario
 Dallas Texas  San Diego California
 Seoul Korea  Bogota Colombia
 Chicago Illinois
 Stockholm Sweden
 Denver Colorado
 Freiberg Germany

1986 Renovation

Boise Idaho TEmple
Boise Idaho Temple after 1987 Rededication

The Boise Idaho Temple operated at 102 percent of capacity during its first year of operation—a demonstration of the remarkable dedication of the Saints of the temple district. As a result, in October 1986, the temple was closed for renovation.


The newly remodeled facilities were dedicated by Elder James E. Faust on 14 February 1987, with the new baptistry being dedicated 3 months later by Elder Faust on 29 May 1987. After reopening in 1987, the temple was able to serve more than 100,000 members in southwestern Idaho and part of eastern Oregon. [1]

Rededicatory Prayer

Rededication Order

When the Boise Idaho Temple was rededicated in 1987 there were 40 temples in operation (Including Boise.) At the time of its rededication there were  3 Temples under construction and 4 temples awaiting ground breaking.

Under Constructions Awaiting Groundbreaking Under Renovation
Frankfurt Germany Guayaquil Ecuador
Las Vegas Nevada Toronto Ontario
Portland Oregon San Diego California
Bogota Columbia

Boise Idaho TEmple
Boise Idaho Temple at time of remodel announcement. Note small expansions by the entrance.

2011 Renovation

On July 11, 2011, the Boise Idaho Temple closed for an extensive 15-month renovation that included a new baptistry entrance, removal of the cafeteria and clothing rental, expansion of the basement, new walls and trim work, raised ceilings, new finishes and furnishings, updated mechanical systems. The structure has been reinforced with new shear walls, steel beams, floor joists, and floor sheathing, mechanical access platforms were added over hallways above a new suspended gypsum board ceiling. A fire sprinkler system was installed throughout, and the floor plan was reconfigured to make it more efficient.[2]

The former landscaping was removed and replaced by a new landscaping. The landscaping features new sidewalks (that now connect to the public sidewalks), stairways, benches, planters, and retaining walls; new plants, shrubs, and flowers; a beautiful reflecting pool encased in stone; and a new exterior lighting system.   Sections of the perimeter fence were also modified

On the exterior of the temple the pearl gray marble tile cladding was replaced with temple white granite because the adhesive used to attach the original tile began to seep through and change the appearance of the walls.[3] This was especially noticeable when the walls were wet, as the spots where the adhesive was would appear as darker spots on the tiles.

On the south side of the temple, an existing 2,000-square-foot maintenance shop and storage area was demolished. In its place, a 4,959-square-foot basement addition was constructed to house a grounds shop, engineering/maintenance area, boiler room, and chiller room.

Open House

Preceding the rededication an open house was held between October 13 and November 10, excluding Sundays.[4][5][6][7] Community interest was evidenced by the over 11,000 visitors who toured the temple on the first day of the open house. All told, over 170,000 people attended the 25 day open house, an average of 6,800 per day.

Cultural Celebration

A cultural celebration including 9,200 Mormon youth and featuring 4,000 dancers, 99 fiddlers , and 1,000 singers was held 17 November 2012, the night before the rededication of the temple. In the celebration, “Treasure the Light,” participants expressed gratitude for the temple, their families and their heritage. Sixty youth from the temple’s district participated in a committee to provide their ideas and inspiration for the performance. They chose to focus the performance on the Light of Christ and the blessing of His gospel in their lives.

Church President Thomas S. Monson spoke to the youth at the cultural celebration and expressed his fond memories of similar performances and cultural experiences in his own youth. He also told them how proud he was of them.


Boise Idaho TEmple
Boise Idaho Temple after Renovation

The Boise Idaho Temple was rededicated on November 18, 2012 by Thomas S. Monson in three sessions.[8] The temple dedication sessions were broadcast to local LDS Church buildings through closed-circuit television, so that Latter-day Saints for whom there is no room in the temple can participate in the event.

In the rededicatory prayer of the Boise Idaho Temple, President Monson prayed for the youth: “Our Father, strengthen the youth. … Give them the courage to stand firm for truth. Bless them with a lengthened view of their eternal possibilities. We express our gratitude for all who have participated in the preparations for this day of rededication. They have labored in a spirit of consecration, and the fruits of their labors are beautiful to behold.”[9]

Rededicatory Prayer

Rededication Order

When the Boise Idaho Temple was rededicated in 2012 there were 140 temples in operation (Including Boise.) At the time of its rededication there were 14 Temples under construction, 13 temples awaiting ground breaking, and 1 undergoing renovation.

Under Constructions Awaiting Groundbreaking Under Renovation
 Tegucigalpa Honduras  Concepcion Chile  Ogden Utah
Gilbert Arizona  Lisbon Portugal
 Phoenix Arizona  Urdanetta Philippines
 Cordoba Argentina  Fort Collins Colorado
 Philadelphia Pennsylvania  Meridian Idaho
 Rome Italy  Winnipeg Manitoba
 Trujillo Peru  Paris France
 Fortaleza Brazil  Barranquilla Colombia
 Fort Lauderdale Florida  Durban South Africa
 Sapporo Japan  Kinshasa D. R. C.
 Payson Utah  Star Valley Wyomin
 Indianapolis Indiana  Tucson Arizona
 Tijuana Mexico  Arequipa Peru
 Provo City Center


Temple President Years Served
President A. Brent Belliston 2015–
President W. Leigh Brinkerhoff 2012–2015
President Wenden W. Waite 2008–2011
President Harold G. Hillam 2005–2008
President Peter J. Williams 2002–2005
President Weldon R. Tovey 1999–2002
President C. Leon Johnson 1996–1999
President Jay L. Christensen 1993–1996
President Lloyd A. Hamilton 1990–1993
President B. Clair Johnson 1987–1990
President Seth D. Redford 1984–1987

The temple site is located near an exit from Interstate 84 and is very visible to those traveling along the highway and is also a visible landmark for pilots at Boise Airport.

The Boise Idaho Temple was the first of a new six-spired design that and served as a pattern for fourteen other temples built between 1984 and 1989. The design sought to maximize efficiency and space and could also be built at a much lower cost and in a shorter amount of time.

The Boise Idaho Temple is a sister building to the Dallas Texas Temple and the Chicago Illinois Temple.


Adjacent to the north is a meetinghouse. The grounds of the temple are enhanced with a beautiful water feature and numerous mature trees.

A peaceful water feature on the grounds reflects the sky and the temple’s white granite, and the surrounding benches invite visitors of all faiths to enjoy the tranquility found there.



The original temple exterior was pearl gray marble tile installed by Vermont Marble Co. with a slate roof.

The new temple still sports a new slate roof, but the exterior marble has been replaced with Temple White Granite, giving the building a lighter appearance.


Originally the Boise Temple contained 6 Cut glass windows on the east end, and a large arched glass window on the baptistry featuring a pattern of etched frosted glass in a representation of the tree of life.

The east windows were removed completely during the renovation. The baptistry was replaced with a stunning art glass window depicting a forest scene, and throught the temple interior Traditional Art Glass Designed by Holdman Studios, Lehi, Utah can be found.



There are 2 inscriptions on the Boise Idaho Temple. Both are on the 2 east most faces of the lower section of the east spire. The text is raised metal letters in a brass like color.



Prior to the renovation the temple contained 2 inscriptions as well, in the same location. The letters were also raised brass, but the layout was different and contained the name of the Church.




The cornerstone was originally placed on one of the faces of the temple that ended up inside the temple since the 1987 expansion project On 29 August 2012 during the renovation the corner stone was relocated to the northeast corner on the exterior of the temple.

Spires and Moroni


The Boise Idaho Temple has 6 spires in 3 heights. The highest, the eastern spire, is 112 feet high. The west end spire is about 10-15 feet shorter. The 4 corner spires are each 70 feet high.

The spires on the Boise Idaho Temple are comprised of tall stacked tall cubes. The East and west spire are three stacked cubes each. The spire on the east rises to the height of the Temple on the bottom cube, with the upper cubes and the steeple rising above the temple. The west spirte rises to the height of the temple on the second cube. The remaining four towers are 2 tall cubes each with a steeple on top. The spires of the temple are rotated 45 degrees in relation to the long axis of the temple, so their edges point to the four compass points.


The Angel Moroni Statue was placed upon the temple on 15 September 1983. The statue is a fiberglass recast of a statue carved in 1982 by Karl Quilter. The statue is atop the tallest, east most spire and faces east.

On February 16, 2012, a new gold-leafed angel Moroni was placed atop the eastern spire of the Boise Idaho Temple as part of the renovation project. The new statue is identical to the original, is on the same spot, and facing the same direction as the original.



Upon entering the temple, patrons see reproductions of two of Carl Bloch’s paintings of Jesus Christ: “Christus Consolator” and “The Twelve-Year-Old Jesus in the Temple.” Just behind the entrance desk, a stained-glass panel depicts shining trees fed by an azure stream and provides one of the first glimpses of the temple’s tree and flower motif. Representations of Lewis’s Mock-Orange Syringa — the white, four-petal state flower of Idaho — along with its leafy branches are found on gilded mirror frames, in glass panels and in carpet and upholstery patterns throughout the temple.

The remodeled interior features ivory tones with the rich contrast of vibrant blues. African mahogany woodwork and hardwoods from the United States combined with Marble (Aegean White and Golden Tan) add warmth and ambiance.

In the celestial room — a room symbolizing heaven on earth — a domed art-glass ceiling infuses the interior with light and color. Trees designed in the glass stand out against the rich blue of the glass sky. Their higher branches, dense with ivory flowers and green leaves, reach toward the pastel blue at the top of the dome.

The Baptistry features wall murals and a sky painted dome ceiling by Decorative Painter Dale Jolley, of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Individuals and Contractors


Architect  Church architectural staff
Architect Ron Thurber & Associates
Project Manager
 Jerry Sears
Contractor  Comtrol Inc.
Architect 2012
CTA Architects Engineers
Mechanical Engineer 2012
 Heath Engineering Company
Contractor 2012
Jacobsen Construction
Chandeliers Schonbek Worldwide Lighting, Inc.

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