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Adelaide Australia Temple

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I learned something important with this video. When doing multiple lights in a scene, turn off reflection in the temple stone, even if it is there in real life. So distracting. I will know next time.


Sounds Of The Australian Bushkangaroovindaloo

Red Wattlebird · Anthochaera carunculata
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Well, this is about as close to perfect as I think I can get. I had good references, and excellent detail.


Sounds Of The Australian Bushkangaroovindaloo


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Adelaide Australia Temple Wiki


The Adelaide Australia Temple is the 89th operating temple. The LDS Church has seen rapid growth in Australia in recent years. In 1955 there were only 3,000 members in Australia, today there are more than 100,000 members. Census statistics show that the LDS Church is the fastest-growing Christian faith in Australia.



The building of other temples in Australia was foreshadowed at the Sydney Australia Temple’s groundbreaking ceremony in August 1982. Apostle Bruce R. McConkie noted that as soon as Church membership numbers could support greater temple usage, there would be cause to build temples in Adelaide Australia, Melbourne Australia, Brisbane Australia and Perth Australia. In 1998, announcements were made for temples in Brisbane and Melbourne, followed by announcements in 1999 for temples in Adelaide and Perth. The multiplying of temples in Australia evidences vigorous Church growth in the nation.


Plans to build an LDS temple in Adelaide were announced on 17 March 1999 via a letter to local priesthood leaders.[1]


A groundbreaking ceremony and site dedication were held on 29 May 1999. Vaughn J. Featherstone, a member of the Seventy, led the ceremony and gave the site dedication prayer. He requested that local saints serve willingly and joyfully in the temple. He labeled the temple a wonderful credit to the members in Adelaide who have “for years and years traveled between 15 and 20 hours each way to the Sydney temple.” By demonstrating a commitment to temple attendance, the Adelaide members “surely merit a temple in their midst.”

Despite heavy rains, more than 500 people gathered to witness the groundbreaking and site dedication. Many were involved in the groundbreaking including the Mayor of Adelaide, other government officials, and children.[2]

Attendees entered a nearby meetinghouse for the dedicatory service. Following the meeting, Church members ventured outside to see the storm clouds clear in time for Church leaders and government dignitaries to turn the symbolic first shovelfuls of earth.

Open House

The Adelaide Australia Temple was open to the public from 3–10 June 2000. On the first day of the open house more than 5,000 people visited the temple and it continued to be busy; 49,303 people were able to take a tour through the temple. This is an average of 7,043 per day for each of the seven days of the open house.[3]


The temple was dedicated on 15 June 2000 by President Gordon B. Hinckley.[4]

President Hinckley dedicated four different temples in the same trip—the first time this had occurred in church history. the trip included the Melbourne Australia, Fukuoka Japan, and Suva Fiji temples. The Adelaide temple was the third temple to be dedicated on this trip.[5]

Four dedicatory sessions were held, which allowed for 2,280 members to be present at the temple’s dedication, an average of 570 per session.

In his dedicatory prayer for the Adelaide Australia Temple, he said, “We are grateful for this nation of Australia, where there is freedom of worship, freedom of assembly, and freedom to take upon ourselves the name of our Divine Redeemer, and to keep sacred the covenants which we make with Him.”[6]

Dedicatory Prayer

Dedication Order

The Adelaide Australia Temple is the 89th temple built in the world, and the 2nd on the continent.

At the time of its dedication there were 20 temples under construction and an additional 11 awaiting groundbreaking.

Under ConstructionAwaiting GroundbreakingUnder Renovation
Suva FijiAba Nigeria
Caracas VenezuelaAsuncion Paraguay
Santo Domingo Dominican RepublicHelsinki Finland
Reciefe BrazilAccra Ghana
Boston MassachusettsLubbock Texas
Monterrey MexicoSnowflake Arizona
Campinas BrazilColumbia River Washington
Porto Alegra BrazilHarrison New York
Houston TexasBrisbane Australia
Birmingham AlabamaKyiv Ukraine
Merida MexicoThe Hague Netherlands
Baton Rouge Louisiana
Montevideo Uruguay
Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Copenhagen Denmark
Nauvoo Illinois
Veracruz Mexico
Guadalajara Mexico
Perth Australia
Winter Quarters Nebraska


Temple PresidentYears Served
Robin F. Hill
Jouni E. Soininen[7]2014–2017
Barry Lee[8]2011–2014
Philip F. Howes[9]2008–2011
Charles Parsons[10]2005–2008
Thomas F. Hooper[11]2003–2005
Robert James Wilmott[12]2000 – 2003


Standing in reverent splendor on Australia’s southern coast, The grounds of the seven-acre temple lot are landscaped with native trees, flowers and shrubs, providing a serene atmosphere for this sacred house of the Lord.

The LDS temple sits on 6.94 acres (28,100 m2) just a few miles away from the centre of the city of Adelaide. The temple was built of the finest materials including an exterior finish of snow-white granite from Campolonghi, Italy. The community was very interested in the progress on the temple and numerous stories were printed in the media.


The Adelaide Australia Temple features a traditional design that is similar to many temples built in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when the Church made an accelerated effort to build temples closer to more of its members.


Composed of snow-white granite of Campolonghi, Italy. The exterior is decorated with a circular pattern above the windows.


 The windows on the Adelaide Australia temple are a frosted glass design common to the small 2nd generation temples of this style. The windows are arranged in sets of 3, with each window having 3 panes set in a white colored frame.



There are two inscriptions ont eh Adelaide Australia Temple. The first is on the East side of the temple above the windows immediately to the left (south) of the entryway. The letters are engraved into a stone panel and painted black.


The second inscription is in the Transom above the entryway doors. The inscription letters are frosted glass on a clear glass panel.



The Cornerstone of the Adelaide Australia Temple is on the South East corner, on the southernmost of the pillars that flank the windows, on the east face of the temple. The letters are engraved into the Stone and are unpainted.


Spires and Moroni


The structure’s focal point is a single spire capped by a gold-leafed statue of an ancient Book of Mormon prophet named Moroni; the statue’s raised trumpet symbolizes the spread of Jesus Christ’s gospel to all the earth. The spire is a typical small temple spire, inline with the main entrance, and consisting of 4 levels of progressively smaller and taller cubes.


The Angel Moroni Statue on the Adelaide temple was placed on 11 April of 2000. The Statue is a fiberglass casting of a statue carved by Karl Quilter in 1982 and was placed to face east.


The temple’s 10,700 (990 m2) square feet comprise a baptistry, instruction rooms, a celestial room, symbolic of heaven, and sealing rooms, where marriages are performed.[13]

Individuals and Contractors

Architect Simon Drew
Project ManagerGraham Sully
Contractor Balderstone-Hornibrook
Stone SupplyCampalonghi Italia

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