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This is the first model that I chose to use fully modeled trees on. I did not model the trees myself, as there are thousands available online for free, and my big goal is the temples anyway.


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This is the first model that I chose to use fully modeled trees on. I did not model the trees myself, as there are thousands available online for free, and my big goal is the temples anyway.




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Accra Ghana Temple Wiki


The Accra Ghana Temple is a temple built in Accra Ghana Ghana Africa. It is the culmination of years of waiting and praying by Ghanaian members. Prior to the Dedication of the Accra Ghana Temple members had to travel to either the London England Temple or the Johannesburg South Africa Temple to receive temple blessings.[1] The temple serves over 57,000 Church members in Ghana, as well as patrons from Sierra Leone, Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Liberia, Benin and Togo.



The building of the Accra Ghana Temple was announced on 16 February 1998 by President Gordon B. Hinckley. On the day of the announcement, at an outdoor gathering of some assembled members in Accra’s Independence Square, President Hinckley said, “You’ve gone a long time without a temple. When I was here five years ago [as a member of the First Presidency], we tried to find a place to build a temple. We didn’t find anything and we didn’t say anything to anybody. But efforts Monday, February 16, were more fruitful. This morning we approved the purchase of a beautiful piece of ground.”[2][4]


A site dedication and groundbreaking ceremony were held on 16 November 2001. The ceremony was intended to begin at 8:00 that morning, however, it was delayed 45 minutes while awaiting the arrival of the Vice President who had returned earlier that morning from New York and graciously accepted an invitation to attend. The combined Christiansborg and Lartebiorkoshie stake choir provided inspiring music while the crowd waited. Upon his arrival, the ceremony commenced. Elder Russell M. Nelson, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, conducted the ceremony and gave the concluding remarks.

Groundbreaking followed with participation by Elder Nelson, the Vice President, stake presidents, and other dignitaries. The event was covered by a local radio station and Ghana Television[5][3][4]

Open House

The temple was open for tours by the general public 3-20 December 2003. During the open house, more than 24,000 people were able to see the exquisite craftsmanship of the interior of the temple.

Ghanaian President, John A. Kufuor, toured the temple and expressed his opinion that the presence of a temple in Accra would enhance the nation’s spirituality. The Vice President of Ghana, as well as many other officials, also took tours through the temple.[6][7][3][4]

Cultural Celebration

The tradition of holding a youth cultural celebration before the dedication of a temple began with the dedication of the Accra Ghana Temple at the request of President Gordon B. Hinckley. A cultural celebration titled “A Day of Celebration” was held on 10 January 2004, one day before the temple’s dedication. Church leaders, members and special guests, including tribal leaders, gathered at the Accra Sports Stadium as a cast of nearly 2,000 youth performed through song and dance.[8]


The Accra Ghana Temple was dedicated on 11 January 2004, by President Gordon B. Hinckley. Over 5,300 Church members attended at least one of the three dedicatory sessions. In his dedicatory prayer, President Hinckley expressed his profound gratitude: “We thank Thee for the brotherhood that exists among us, that neither color of skin nor land of birth can separate us as Thy sons and daughters who have taken upon us sacred and binding covenants.” He also petitioned, “Please cause that Thy Holy Spirit shall dwell within these walls at all times. … May it ever be a place of refuge from the noise and cares of the world.”[1][3][4]

Dedicatory Prayer

Dedication Order

The Accra Ghana Temple was the first operating temple in West Africa and the 117th in the world.  It was the second temple built in Africa, following the Johannesburg South Africa Temple in 1985.


Temple President Years Served
President Stephen L. Graham 2015–
President George B. Afful[9] 2012–2015
President Julian P. Breillatt Jr.[10] 2009–2012
President John C. Riding[11] 2006–2009
President Grant Gunnell[12] 2003–2006


The 17,500 square foot Accra Ghana Temple is located at 57 Independence Ave., North Ridge, Accra, Ghana. It sits on 6 acres on the main avenue that runs through the center of Accra.


[Sat Image measuring tools]
Latitude   5.567575
Longitude   -0.193584


[Sat Image measuring tools]
Meters   44.39
Feet   145.6

Temple Rotation

Long Axis Alignment   27.5° CW from East West
AKA   East South East
Entryway Alignment   27.5° CW from North
AKA   North North East

The temple grounds, which are open to the public, are beautifully landscaped and feature native flowers and palm trees.


The temple can be reached at


57 Independence Avenue
North Ridge
PMB CT 209, Cantonments


(233) 302-650-113


(233) 302-764-121

Family History Data:

City   Accra
Country   Ghana
GenCode   ACCRA


The Accra Ghana Temple is about 90 feet (27.43 meters) in height. It measures 147 feet (44.81 meters) wide, and 190 feet (57.91 meters) long. the temple is 17,500 square feet (1,625.8 square meters) in size.


The exterior is made of granite quarried in Namibia, Africa, called Namibia Pearl.


Type   Stained Art Glass
Trim Color   Brushed Brass

From Outside

From Outside

From the Interior

From the Interior





Location   East most end of the temple, above the celestial room windows, facing East South East.
Type   Engraved Painted Black
Language   English


Location   Above the north most edge of the covered entryway, faces North North East.
Type   Engraved Painted Black
Language   English



Location   North East corner, north side
Type   Engraved Unadorned
Language   English

Spires and Moroni


The temple employs a traditional design with a single spire. The single spire is set towards the south east along the middle of the pf the temple when viewed from the shortest edge, offset from the temple center along the longest edge, and inline with the doors on the north end.



Sculptor  Karl Quilter
Version  1985 Taller closed left fist and loose sleeves
Placed  ~1999
Faces  North East by North



The temple has 2 endowment rooms in set up for a 2 stage progressive presentation of the endowment.


The temple has 2 sealing rooms

Services Rooms

The temple has no food services and no clothing rental.

Individuals and Contractors

Architect  ARUP  [4]
Project Manager
Russ Tanner [4]
Contractor Taysec Construction Ltd [4]
Art Glass
 Holdman Studios South

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